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Inconscience, sleepers around the world.

Romain Philippon

Format 24,5x18,5 cm

172 pages in color, hard cover. sewed binding.
Paper is Munken lynx. The high caliper matt paper comes from sustainable forests. This paper gives a velvety touch to the photographs rendering a specific softness.This book has been printed by Escourbiac Printers in Toulouse which have been twice granted the “Cadrat d’or” (special French printing prize). 

First edition 1500 copies.

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 Inconscience (french for “Unconsciousness”) is a compilation of photographs of people sleeping in the street in about 30 countries across the world. This photographic project began in 2005, in a fortuitous way. Then, as time went by, the idea seemed more interesting and extensive than the author thought initially. Primary social concepts, such as work, living conditions, and the links between Western and Eastern economy, mingled together to join in with  the poetry of the pictures. His work spread over 7 years during many trips all over the planet.

Finally, more than 100 photographs of sleepers, taken in 30 countries, extends  this visual display to a world scale. This series takes on a curiously human dimension, even universal, establishing visual links from Santiago to Paris, from Calcutta to Montreal. With the contrasts of  senses, the symbolic and formal parallels, appears a whole network of meanings, ranging from caustic wit to thoughts about existence itself : How do we live ? How do they live ? What unites us ?


30 countries

Between 2003 and 2012, Romain Philippon shot sleeping people along his travels. At last, he shows us about 30 countries in the book: France, Italy, Portugal, England, Brasil, Cambodia, Thalland, India, Lao, Burma, Australia, USA, Madagascar,Egypt, Turkey, Cuba, Haïti... and some more